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How to Hire MERN Stack Developer Guide

Share your

Share the details of your project requirements with us, ensuring clear and concise communication.
This step allows us to understand
your needs and find the perfect talent
who aligns with your

Skillful Evaluation and Shortlisting

Our team conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the developers who show interest in your project. By assessing their skills, experience, and qualifications, we carefully shortlist the most suitable candidates for further consideration.

Interviews and Decision-Making

We arrange interviews with the shortlisted candidates, offering you the opportunity to interact and evaluate their suitability. Through thoughtful consideration of the interviews, you can make well-informed decisions regarding the best fit for your project.

Seamless Onboarding and Support

Once you have chosen the right candidate, we assist in the onboarding process, facilitating a seamless integration into your team. Throughout the collaboration, we provide ongoing support to ensure a productive and successful partnership.

Cost of Hiring MERN Stack Developer on Contractual basis
At Developer Bazaar Technologies, we offer flexible hiring models tailored to meet your budget and project requirements. Our competitive pricing ensures that you receive high-quality MERN development services without having to spend more than required. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a detailed cost estimation for hiring our dedicated MERN developers.
ParametersFull Time HiringPart Time HiringHourly based Hiring
Duration (monthly)

160 hrs 5 days working

a month

80-100 hrs

a month

As per required hours
RateContact UsContact UsContact Us
UpdatesDaily work updatesDaily work updatesDaily work updates
Hiring Period (Min)1 month (Special rates for more than 3 months)1 month (Special rates for more than 3 months)30 hours
CommunicationSkype, Email, Phone, Chat, SlackSkype, Email, Phone, Chat, SlackSkype, Email, Phone, Chat, Slack
Experience Level3 to 5 years3 to 5 years3 to 5 years
BillingMonthlyMonthlyAt 40 hours gap

Transforming Your Business with MERN Stack Developers


When you hire experienced MERN stack developers for full-stack development, you will be able to build different types of applications for different operating systems.

High Performance

MERN stack developers can help you develop applications with incredible performance so that they can handle large amounts of data.

Full-Stack JavaScript

When you hire dedicated MERN stack developers for scalable web solutions, they are able to work efficiently on both the frontend and backend of applications.

Rapid Development

Our MERN stack developers expedite the development process, helping you hit the market faster. They master reusable components and efficient libraries for quick iterations and quick web app deployment.

Advantages of DB Tech Laravel
Extensive Experience

Have your WordPress website built by seasoned WordPress engineers, coders, and designers with a wealth of experience across various WordPress projects. DB Tech offers the expertise of WordPress experts for your website development needs.

No Hidden Costs

At DBTech, we're committed to honesty and clarity in our hiring process. Our upfront fees ensure no additional expenses. We hold ourselves to ethical and credible standards, fostering genuine relationships with our clients.

Optimal Output

Our skilled programmers adhere to rigorous timelines, deliver daily progress reports, and align their work with your business objectives. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and drive your success forward.

Uninterrupted Support

Experience seamless project management with DB Tech's dedicated team of WordPress developers. Benefit from our 24/7 support, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly, professionally & timely.

Confidentiality and Security

We understand the importance of safeguarding your unique concepts and critical business data. That's why we take extensive measures to ensure the confidentiality of your information. When you hire our dedicated WordPress developers, we require them to sign a comprehensive NDA.

Effortless Hiring

DB Tech makes hiring remote WordPress engineers a breeze with a streamlined, concise hiring process. Our expert team takes the burden off your shoulders by linking you with the most skilled and sought-after WordPress specialists available.

Client Testimonials

The developers I hired from this service took the time to comprehend my requirements thoroughly before starting the development process. I am delighted with their development services. Thank you so much for your great work!

Vivek Shah
Head of Business Operations
Nimap Infotech

The developers I hired from Developer Bazaar Technologies were exceptional. They provided a detailed explanation of how certain website additions would benefit my business. With their development services, I was able to create my dream website.

Hemant Chandwani
HR Manager

I encountered some bugs on my website after its development, but the developers I hired from DB Tech were quick to help me resolve the issue. They provided excellent support, and my website is now running smoothly without any interruption. I am glad that I invested my time and money in hiring these developers.

Mr. Brian Delaet
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Hire MERN Stack Developers to Create Dynamic and Efficient Web Applications

MERN stack can help you build progressing web applications with a highly secure backend. Once you hire a MERN stack developer, you get closer to getting end-to-end solutions depending on the JavaScript ecosystem. Let us get in touch now!

The Power of MERN Stack in Web Application Development

While hiring a Laravel developer, you should consider the following points:
  • MERN stack helps with cost-effective web application development.
  • Maintaining code is easier with MERN stack development.
  • MERN stack leverages JavaScript on the front end, while Node.js is used on the backend of web applications
  • You can build highly scalable and functional web applications with the help of MERN stack services.
  • The MERN stack comes with incredible community support.

Essential Skills of a Top-Notch MERN Stack Developer

The top skills required to become a MERN stack developer are as follows:
  • JavaScript
  • MERN stack is based on JavaScript. Therefore, it is a mandatory skill for all MERN stack developers. JavaScript can make the work of MERN stack developers easier when combined with CSS, HTML, and other significant browsers.
  • Backend Development Languages
  • A MERN stack developer should be familiar with different backend programming languages using Node.js.
  • Web Architecture
  • A MERN stack developer should have knowledge about different elements of the web architecture, including cloud storage, database servers, domain name system, and more.

The MERN Stack Development Process

  • Remote Onboarding
  • You will have to share project requirements with us, and we will help you find the best talent for MERN stack development. The MERN stack developer will join your team remotely and be prepared to work with other stakeholders.
  • Understanding Responsibilities
  • Once our MERN stack developer becomes a part of your team, you will have to explain their full responsibilities to them. They will understand your requirements and start offering their custom development services.
  • Providing Updates
  • The MERN stack developer will stay in constant touch with your team. They will provide regular updates about the progress of their project. Additionally, they will work on different feedback from the team to make the application better.

Frequently Asked Questions on MERN Stack Developer

How can a MERN Stack developer contribute to the frontend and backend of a web application?

A MERN stack developer can help with the frontend development framework along with creating a robust backend database management system. They are perfect for building robust and scalable full-stack applications.  

What experience should a MERN Stack developer have with databases, particularly MongoDB?

A MERN stack developer should have thorough knowledge about different databases like MongoDB because it helps with the development of a 3-tier architecture. Developers can build a single architecture containing a frontend, backend, and database with the help of JSON and JavaScript.

How will a MERN Stack developer handle API development and integration within an application?

A MERN stack developer primarily handles API integration and development inside an application with the help of ExpressJS. It is a backend web application framework based on JavaScript.

Can a MERN Stack developer assist in migrating an application to the MERN stack?

A MERN stack developer can offer all the assistance you need to shift your web app to the MERN stack programming language.

How does a MERN Stack developer ensure the scalability and security of a web application?

The scalability of MERN stack apps is ensured by a combination of MongoDB, Express, Node.js, and React. The best MERN stack developers use different authentication mechanisms like LDAP, x.509, and SCRAM for concrete security.

How do MERN Stack developers handle real-time features in a web application?

MERN stacks developers can handle real-time features in a web application with the help of non-blocking/ asynchronous features.

How does a MERN Stack developer ensure the application's performance is optimized?

You can hire freelance MERN stack developers with MongoDB expertise to improve the performance of the web application.

What sort of testing frameworks or methodologies do MERN Stack developers typically use?

The different testing frameworks or methodologies used by MERN stack developers primarily include Mocha, Jasmine, and Jest.

How do MERN Stack developers approach the development of a responsive and interactive user interface?

MERN stack developers use Node.js and React to create responsive and interactive user interfaces in applications.

Can a MERN Stack developer assist with deploying an application on a cloud platform?

A MERN stack developer will be able to help with application deployment on a cloud platform with the help of JavaScript-based tools.
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