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Developer Bazaar Technologies follows a custom software development approach to create web solutions for every business niche of every size and type around the globe. We curate software development services which cater to the unique needs of an organization working with the full dedication that offers our users flexibility. 

Since every organization and every client has unique needs we have a market-ready software development company which crafts websites that are SEO friendly, and creative in nature with updated technology.

Every corner of Digital Web is covered
with our full-scale Web Development Solutions

Custom Web Development​

A general solution is not enough as every client tries to solve a specific problem. To give your business a specific solution DB Tech provides you with custom web development solutions.​

Trustworthy Developers​

Our developers are trustworthy for building robust and secure web applications with the use of the latest frameworks such as Angular, React etc.​

Custom Content Management System​

Our developers keep your best interest in mind therefore they will create a content management system for your business so that you are able to manage all of your digital content.​

Customer Relationship Management Solutions​

Managing customer data is important to managing your business. DB Tech takes this into account by providing you with a customer relationship management system that allows you to manage your customer data easily.​

Technology Infrastructure you can rely on

Frontend Technologies

To develop stunning user interfaces with perfect HTML code we use powerful technologies like JavaScript, CSS, React, React JS, Node.js , and Bootstrap.


In the era of data, managing it with security and proper space optimization requires agility. Hence we have cutting edge tools to manage your data so that it harnesses to its maximum potential. Some of the tools that we provide are : MariaDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, AWS RDS, MySQL, postegreSQL etc.

Backend Technologies

To give millions of users a lag-free experience we have backend development technologies such as Laravell, CI, PHP, NodeJs, Express.js, Meteor, WordPress and Shopify.

Why should you trust us?

We work in multiple domains which is our expertise area such as:​


With people becoming more aware of the importance of health and fitness various health start-ups are able to raise good funding.

Travel and Tourism

Innovative Designs entices travelers hence we have technologies to attract the travel industry with stellar visual presentation.


With multiple sets of features we curate eCommerce websites that have thousands of visitors making your business scale up to various parts.


With our highly customizable dashboards you get an end-to-end solution for your logistics management.


What are the main advantages of Custom Software Development?

You get a unique and innovative product which helps to scale your organization better with your interests in mind and increases your return on investment with emphasis on your business acumen.

How does custom software development improve user experience?

The motive behind the custom software development is to be as customer centric as possible. Softwares which is built to solve a particular organization helps in tapping into user’s needs to reduce any errors and enhances the acceptance of the software.

How to ensure quality of Custom Software solutions?

For assuring a Custom software solution the most important ingredient is testing of software so it can easily ensure the quality from 60 to 70 %. It will be done in a hierarchy like first unit testing, bug solves, at the end final testing will be client review.

How long do you ensure service quality? 

With our ongoing technical support we provide you with solutions even after services to help you tackle any issue. Let’s connect at DB Tech to help kickstart your project.

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