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Choose our staff augmentation services to get access to skilled IT professionals. We will ensure that you have the best talents on your team to cover every aspect of your job without going over your budget. Our staff augmentation services can help you save on maintenance and support charges.

HowStaff AugmentationWorks


Inform us about your needs and provide an idea about what you wish to achieve, the project deadline, and other details.


According to your requirements, we will shortlist the best resources for you. Our screening process involves conducting technical interviews, practical tests, and more.


Clients can select resources according to their requirements and finalize the duration. Our clients are also free to choose the process of working and find out about the rates.

Initiation of the Process

The professionals will start working on your project. They will provide you with daily work updates. They will be available for communication via Skype, chat, or your preferred channel.


Our clients have full control over the assigned resources, handle their tasks, and communicate with them easily.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Cost-Savings Without Compromising Quality

Staff augmentation services are cheaper than hiring full-time employees and training them. Hiring augmented staff for the short term can help you save extensive resource expenditure in interviewing and training candidates.

Availability of a Large Resource Pool

Staff augmentation services ensure that you get access to a huge talent pool. It will ensure that you can choose employees according to the requirements of specific projects.

Increased Flexibility

You will be able to augment staff according to your projects. It ensures that you can accomplish long-term and short-term goals easily. Staff augmentation services will lead to increased productivity. Since your operational costs will be lower from not having to hire full-time employees, your profitability will be higher.

Our Staff Augmentation Solutions

Establish a Successful Team from Scratch

Our Kwiki Sweepstakes also comes with a built-in online chat system. This allows your followers to ask questions and provide feedback in real time. It’s a great way to keep the conversation going and make sure everyone is having a good experience.

Add Resources to Your Existing Project

You will be able to add experienced developers to your existing project to grow and scale at a faster speed. Our skilled and dedicated developers will be able to improve the development efficiency of your existing project.

Vendor Transition

You might be facing issues with your existing project development partner. In that case, you don’t have to worry about your project sinking midway. You can choose us for Agile transformation from one vendor to another.


ParametersFull Time HiringPart Time HiringHourly based Hiring
Duration (monthly)

160 hrs 5 days working

a month

80-100 hrs

a month

As per required hours
RateContact UsContact UsContact Us
UpdatesDaily work updatesDaily work updatesDaily work updates
Hiring Period (Min)1 month (Special rates for more than 3 months)1 month (Special rates for more than 3 months)30 hours
CommunicationSkype, Email, Phone, Chat, SlackSkype, Email, Phone, Chat, SlackSkype, Email, Phone, Chat, Slack
Experience Level3 to 5 years3 to 5 years3 to 5 years
BillingMonthlyMonthlyAt 40 hours gap

TechnologiesOffered By OurDevelopers

Our talented developers are quite familiar with the latest technologies. They have practical experience of working with the following technologies:-

Reach JS

Node JS








Hire Experienced Developers

When you choose our staff augmentation service, you will be able to add talented experts to your project team. Our developers have years of experience in their respective domains.

Affordable Pricing

Our staff augmentation services are available at affordable costs. You will be able to choose from full-time or part-time augmented services. Moreover, you can also augment staff on an hourly basis according to your requirements.

Use of Advanced Technologies

Our experts use advanced tech stacks to offer the best outcomes. Our experts are familiar with Angular, React, Laravel, WordPress, and various other frameworks.


What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation revolves around expanding a company’s in-house staff by temporarily hiring IT specialists. Augmented specialists work with the in-house team on a project for a short time and communicate with the core team constantly. You can choose our staff augmentation services to add valuable resources to your team.

When should I opt for staff augmentation services?

You should opt for staff augmentation services when the skill set of the development team is not enough to match the requirements of a particular project or your overall organization. Staff augmentation services are also useful for adding custom functionalities. It is also useful for modernizing your legacy software according to your current business requirements. Moreover, staff augmentation services can also help upgrade the UI/ UX of your products according to the required level of engagement.

What should I consider before hiring staff augmentation services?

You should always consider your staffing requirements before starting to look for staff augmentation services. You will have to determine what skills you need and for how long. Moreover, it’s crucial for you to develop knowledge about the market trends before opting for augmentation services. Besides, you must determine the experience of the staff augmentation service provider. We are a trustworthy staff augmentation service with a huge portfolio and positive testimonials from satisfied clients.

What is the difference between outsourcing and staff augmentation?

Outsourcing revolves around hiring an outside agency to complete a full project or certain aspects of it. But staff augmentation services involve adding virtual resources to an in-house team to manage different aspects of a project.

How will I communicate with my augmented staff?

When you hire augmented staff, you might worry about communication. But communication with them is crucial to talk about the different aspects of the project. When you choose our staff augmentation services, the professionals will remain in constant touch with your in-house team. They will be working remotely but will provide you with constant updates about the progress of the project. They will contact you via slack, email, Skype, or any other channel according to your preference and convenience.

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