Laravel vs. Symfony Showdown: Why Laravel Developers Rise to the Top

Symfony and Laravel. Given their robust features and ease of use, these two frameworks have swept the PHP world. Even if numerous solutions are available, there’s no doubt that Laravel and Symfony stand out as the two best. 

One choice cannot be ignored when beginning a new PHP application: which framework to deploy? Laravel vs. Symfony is frequently the “fight” for PHP frameworks. 

In this article, you’ll learn an in-depth comparison between Laravel and Symfony. By the end, you’ll understand why Laravel is the most preferred PHP framework and why you must hire a Laravel expert for your PHP application project.

Laravel Vs Symfony: Popularity & Job Market

According to BuiltWith, 28,728 websites use the Symfony PHP framework. Meanwhile, 7,04,255 live websites use Laravel. When comparing these frameworks’ market shares among websites with 10,000, 100,000, and millions of visits, Laravel comes out on top. 

According to GitHub statistics, Symfony has 25.4k ratings, while Laravel has 65.8k. Another crucial statistic is the number of contributors to the different framework communities: Laravel has 2576 contributors, compared to 2394 Symfony. These figures unequivocally show that Laravel has a better job market than Symfony.

Laravel Vs Symfony: Performance

In older editions, Laravel performed better than Symfony. However, because of improvements made in Symfony 4+, the benefits of Laravel have all but disappeared. 

Laravel may no longer have the performance enhancements it once boasted about. As long as you use the most recent version of each PHP framework, performance is a coin toss.

Laravel Vs Symfony: Learning Curve

Using and learning Laravel is indeed simple. It offers a simple API that helps users get started right away. Moreover, using their GitHub, they provide comprehensive documentation and community support. 

Although Symfony has a more complicated architecture, its modular nature allows developers to select the components they want to employ. Despite having a longer learning curve, this offers greater versatility. Via GitHub, Symfony additionally offers documentation and user support.

Laravel Vs Symfony: Performance

When it comes to Laravel vs Symfony in terms of security, Symfony has a stronger system. However, it might be challenging to set up. It supports several different authentication techniques and has a pretty detailed permission structure. 

The essential features here are more than enough, no matter that Laravel development services take a more direct approach to security.

Laravel Vs Symfony: Support & Community

Symfony is complex, even though it has great documentation. Due to Laravel’s popularity, numerous training programs, classes, and online support options exist. 

Moreover, Laravel provides learning opportunities and knowledge via the Laracasts discussion forum, Treehouse, Codebright, and Sitepoint. When compared to Laravel, Symfony is more challenging to learn. There is documentation, but not as much in the way of tutorials or community support as with Laravel.

Final Words: Why Laravel Developers Are More In Demand!

Today, businesses prefer Laravel over Symfony or any other PHP framework for Laravel application development. Given this, the job openings for Laravel developers are ever-increasing, resulting in a rising demand for developers with Laravel skills and expertise. 

Compared to Symfony, Laravel is a more modern framework with more current updates. This indicates that Laravel is more likely to be compatible with cutting-edge technologies and has more contemporary features. Of course, Symfony continues to have benefits of its own. 

Large or sophisticated projects are better suited for this more potent structure. However, Laravel is a superior option for most projects, which is why Laravel developers are now rising to the top.


1. Which is superior: Laravel or Symfony?

If you have a tight deadline, Laravel is the best framework because it was created with rapid application development in mind, especially if your developers are more junior than senior.

2. How is Laravel growing in terms of scalability?

Building scalable applications that can manage rising user traffic is made possible by Laravel’s modular architecture.

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