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Mr. R.M Mishra and Arpit Vaishnav, meeting with Philip Hyde and Mohan at Hotel Conard, Pune.

"Client Meeting at Hotel Conrad Pune 22 September 2022. A heart-warming experience to meet InContinuum company CEO Philip Hyde and Mohan."

Developer Bazaar Technologies, is a hub of ethics, culture, information, and technology. We have always felt that learning and social ties are important for a company’s growth. Developer Bazaar Technologies has always strived to establish good relationships with its clients in order to achieve long-term development and success. In the six years since we began, we have welcomed many clients and created connections that are becoming deeper with time.

One such heart-warming meeting took place at Hotel Conard with Mr. Philip Hyde and Mr. Mohan, two of our most wonderful clienteles. Meeting the industry’s experienced experts was a fantastic experience. Their Namaste at the start, in particular, touched our hearts. We lost count of time because our talk with them went so nicely.

The energy in the hotel room was strong, and the atmosphere was dynamic and energetic throughout the conversation. Meeting personalities like Mr. Phillip and Mr. Mohan was a privilege.

Developer Bazaar Technologies would like to thank you for visiting India. We appreciate that you made time in your schedule to meet with us. Meeting industry professionals like them was invaluable to us, and we are delighted to be working with Incontinuum. It was fascinating to learn more about InContinuum and their collaborations with Rahi and other conglomerates.

Here’s a spoof of several important lessons from Phillip Hyde and Mohan.
1. Every rupee you earn is valuable, so spend it wisely.
2. Continue on your entrepreneurial adventure, and you will eventually find a solution to the problem that will help your organisation. So, keep doing what you’re doing.

Mr. Phillip’s main recommendations for Developer Bazaar Technologies are these two. Mr. Phillip answered several questions flawlessly during the conversation. Here are some answers to some of those queries.

1. How is your day managed perfectly?
His reply to that was – “It’s hard but it’s Skill you should master. Assign yourself tasks A, B and C and don’t confuse yourself with tasks A1, A2, A3 and then B1, B2 and so on. Be clear.”

2. How do you stay so energised and positive?
He shared his cure by saying that “Laughing makes me energetic.”

Meeting with Mr. Phillip and Mr. Mohan has provided us with some useful information. We look forward to incorporating his suggestions into our organisation for improved working conditions and faster growth.

Following this fantastic encounter with Mr. Phillip and Mohan in Pune, the entire Developer Bazaar team is anxious to meet them again at our headquarters. We’re also looking forward to our next collaboration with InContinuum.

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