Crowd Capitalize

A Crowd Funding Website

Developer Bazaar Technologies can help your business reach new heights with a Crowdfunding Website. Our experts can customize the website as per your needs so that you can attract investment for your products and services. A Crowd Capitalize website also offers a good chance to build connections with potential clients, partners, and investors.

We bring you the ideal Crowd Capitalize Website.

With Developer Bazaar Technologies Crowd Capitalize Solutions you can be assured of great service with super efficient and high-quality websites according to your needs. What’s even better is that you get expert guides curating the best for you!




The key to starting a business and keeping it growing is an investment. A good idea and convincing approach are sure to bring funds.


Crowd Capitalize

Crowd Capitalize lets you reach people and raise money beyond borders. Even through small contributions from a large number of people who believe in your ideas, a substantial amount can be raised by Crowdfunding.


Make your ideas a reality with Crowd Capitalize. Here, creators share their ideas and find funding for their creative work.
You can’t beat crowd capital for early-stage startups. It’s the most efficient, exciting, and best choice for early entrepreneurs.

Why Our Solutions Are Unique?

Invest in a particular idea

Well, all you need is a solid business idea to get started and for the Crowd fundraising website, we get you covered! With Developer Bazaar Technologies, we exclusively bring you a crowdfunding website that can help you bring funding from relevant companies and investors to make your dreams a reality.

Unique Chat System

Developer Bazaar Technologies has curated a unique 3-way chat platform on the website. So now you can directly connect with the investors and discuss your ideas with them anytime. This will not only help you to gain funds but also build a relationship with potential investors.

Tired Of The Conventional Methods Of Fundraising?

Are you looking for Crowdfunding but don’t know how to get started?

Crowd Capitalize Features

Let us look at some of our Crowd Capitalize features:

Admin Interface

The unique feature gives a brief overview of the crowdfunding website, highlighting the ideas onboarding as well as investors and visitor information with accurate records having specific times and dates. This makes the website more user-friendly while also ensuring speed, effectiveness, and flexibility.

User Flow

Super simple and efficient User Flow, making it easier for your target audiences to get a vivid idea of your project.

Featured Project

Get your projects and products featured on the website to attract investors.


Language barrier? No more. With the Multi-language feature, you can express your ideas clearly and get the best deals!

Private Message

We understand the importance of direct communication. Hence, with the unique chat system by Developer Bazaar Technologies, you can now reach out to the investors directly and share your ideas with them.

CSV Export

A specific format helps in keeping data structured.

Category Management

This feature aims to provide its consumers with what they want, when, and where they want it on the website.

Multi-Currency Option

Getting investment made easier! This feature helps you to trade in multiple currencies. Now get investment from beyond borders without worrying about the currency.

Live Support

Facing any issues? No worries. You can get any information, assistance, or help you need using the live support feature.

How Does
Crowd Capitalize Work?

Step 1
Register your Idea

All you have to do is create an inventors account and onboard your idea by filling out a four steps form to provide the required details of the idea and get approval.

Step 2
Review & Publish your Idea

Once the idea is onboarded it goes to the admin for review and approval. Once it gets approved and published, investors can see your idea live.

Step 3
Get Funding

Investors will connect with you directly to see the idea and discuss various details of the idea through a three-way chat system and can organize meetings on zoom to get the funding finalized.

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