Developer Bazaar Technologies’ high-quality UI/UX design services can provide your billions of users with inspiring digital solutions. We being a leading app and web development company have facilitated several enterprises and startups with designs which are brag-worthy. 

Our team is specialized in developing outstanding UI/UX designs to satisfy users with the best experience on your website. With years of experience in working with multiple business domains, Developer Bazaar Technologies has gained immense knowledge to offer clients with best IT solutions.

Quick Steps

Our UI/UX Design Process

Assimilate Requirements

Understanding all the expectations of the end-users and the stakeholders is the primary step. This helps our team in developing a product that comprises all the required features.

Intense Research

Loopholes can be easily identified by creating a user persona and seeing what a user may look for. This research helps to know where things need to be improvised and design a product that will have a higher user acceptance.


We define a flow of actions that users will follow while navigating in the application. Wireframing helps in developing a basic sketch of the idea and we get to know where to pay more attention.

Work on Prototypes

The screen which a user sees comprises colours, graphics, and readable text. Of the complete idea, we create a clickable prototype. This is a costs effective version of the main product which can be tested on users before the launch of the final product.

Testing & Feedback

This is the final and the most important step. We get to learn the insight of the product and find the flaws if any. Once the product is approved it can be taken to the next phase which is development.

Work for what a user is looking for

The best way to provide users with the best digital experience is to learn how a user is going to feel about the product. Understanding this helps us to create a user-friendly product. User testing helps our designers to know which areas need improvements to fulfill all the requirements of the end-user.

Creating a User Persona

We create a profile which is of an ideal user. This helps us to know what can be the end-user expectations. When we learn what exactly the user is looking for then we work to optimize the product according to it.

Learn where we stand in the designing process

This step helps us to know what all options are open to us and where we stand. Certain features are helpful to navigate easily in the product like BreadCrumbs.

Make a clear hierarchy of users' actions

We get better insights into what flow action will be there for users in some main sections. This helps us to develop easy navigations so that the user feels comfortable while navigating.

Deliver a Usable Product

We create a product that helps the user to accomplish their goal with minimum actions and this is what makes a product usable. Our main goal is to satisfy users with the best experience.




UI/UX design is much more than Technology



Improve the Accessibility

Accessibility is how easily a user can find what he/she is searching for. We work to place elements in the right place so that they are easily identifiable by the users.

Maintain Consistency

A brand’s building roots are its consistency. We make use of the same themes, shapes, and fonts which are already being used in a website. This will deliver the same message that a brand wants to convey. Also, this makes users feel familiar & establishes a bond of trust.

Providing a Personalized Experience

Users love it if they get to see what they are looking for. We believe context is the key. We design elements in a way that makes the product more relatable to the end-user.

Speedy Results

The user looks for results in less time. No user is interested in exploring unnecessary things as it is a waste of their time. We make sure to save time for users and make them concentrate on what they are looking for and provide them with the best experience.


What are the main advantages of UI/UX?

Some of the main advantages of UI/UX are:

  • Attract more customers by giving them the best experience
  • Open new opportunities for revenue generation
  • Saves a lot of time money and efforts
  • Reduce the cost associated with troubleshooting
How can UI/UX improve user experience?

UI/UX makes the interface more discoverable. Users can easily use the different features comfortably and find what they are looking for in less time. UI/UX helps in learning the key elements which will help in giving the user the best experience. Users can interact and perform different actions with great ease without putting much effort.

How long does it take to build a heavy (complex) UI/UX?

UI/UX is all about satisfying end users’ requests. We carefully listen to our client’s ideas and research what all users might look for. Based on the user requirements, time frame to build a complex UI/UX will vary.

How long do you provide support after-service?

We are ready to assist our clients if required in all possible ways. After services are free for the fifteen days after we deliver the product. Post that you can subscribe to paid annual maintenance contract if there is a need for it.

 How do you ensure service quality?

We ensure the service quality by keeping in mind the following attributes of UI/UX design

  •   We align End-user goals and the business goals
  •   We make sure to deliver a usable product that is accessible too
  •   Our products are compatible on different platforms
  •   We make sure that users invest minimum time to achieve the final goal
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