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Are you looking for website packages that don’t burn a hole in your pockets? Well we at Developer Bazaar Technologies offer affordable website support and maintenance packages to run an integral part of your online business.

In our experience, development and ideation is only the 50% of the total effort required for any product’s success. The rest 50% will be based on the maintenance of any product or services that the Industries provide. 

You must be thinking what exactly are the benefits of support and maintenance packages and how it is essential for your business website. To get an answer to this important question, keep reading or directly connect at Developer Bazaar Technologies!

What is the essence of Support & Maintenance packages?

The website maintenance package regularly monitors your website for faults to ensure that everything is fully updated and responsive which increases your SEO and Google rankings. It doesn’t matter whether you are a huge organization or an individual website maintenance is important to interact and connect with your target customers while preventing issues such as:

Examining whether your website pages are loading rapidly.
Creating a backup of your website's data.
Ensuring that your software and plugins are up to date to keep your blog updated.
Deleting unnecessary or spam comments.
Ensuring that there are no broken links.

All these issues are just for weekly evaluation.

Now suppose you have to do this on a monthly basis. Therefore, you need a good website and maintenance package.

Developer Bazaar Technologies at your rescue!

Our website maintenance pricing plan includes solutions for everything ranging from designing to database, security,  performance and development. Not only that, we have maintenance package services such as regular updates and technical support that are custom made covering every aspect whether it’s for a small or medium-sized firm. This custom website maintenance package ensures that your website doesn’t have security issues and is always updated with seamless browsers free from all types of errors.

Let's discuss Our Packages

If you are seeking a customizable and reasonable website maintenance package DBTech is the perfect site for you. We have curated a package which takes care of:

Security Problems


Performance Problems

Designing Problems

Development Problems


What are the main advantages of Software Maintenance?

1. Scanning Vulnerabilities: Security is the primary reason for website maintenance.  Scanning for vulnerabilities assures that the website is not attacked or taken over.

2. Fixes and Repairs: Both internal and external links should be checked to look for broken links that frustrate the users and reduce the search engine rankings which is ensured by software maintenance.

Why do I need software maintenance?

Software Maintenance enhances user experience by ensuring that everything is working smoothly such as all the important functions like filling up signing forms, contact forms, checkout forms. It also identifies the issues which are slowing your site’s speed.

How can I improve my Software maintenance ?

Software maintenance can be improved through some of the following steps:

  1. Fix Bugs.
  2. Enhance software capability.
  3. Remove outdated Functions.
  4. Update the web pages.

DBTech helps you to tackle all of these at a budget friendly cost!

Why should you choose DB Tech?

Our package includes regular and monthly updates without costing you too much. We also provide support after services. Choose the best maintenance package for yourself at DBTech.

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