Real Estate & Property

Real Estate & Property

Developer Bazaar Technology is offering innovative software development services to build your own real estate application. Whether you are a leading real estate company, a small agency associated with property business or an individual real-estate agent, leverage our software development expertise to build a powerful real-estate application to provide improved property buying experience to both buyers as well as sellers.
Build cloud-based CRM software solutions having features like pre-qualification algorithms, pipeline management, marketing automation, and rule-based notifications integrated with emails and SMS services.Develop on-demand property booking applications with custom front-end UI, wanted business rationale, progressed administrator dashboards, virtual visit usefulness adaptability and vigor.
Build project management solutions to coordinate on-site with smart workflows, integrated plans and maps, task assignment, status modules and overcome the complex challenges during construction projects.Promote better visibility and meet the dynamic market conditions with our ERP solutions that allow smart handling of residential and commercial properties, cash flow visibility, seamless inventory management and online leasing.

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