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Developer Bazaar Technologies had an official trip at Outdoor Play Arena on 16 Dec 2022

Developer Bazaar Technologies is all about our team and protecting our associates’ interest has been an important part of our growth story since the starting of our journey. Our principles, values and beliefs priorities our team member needs, preferences and well-being at par. Developer Bazaar is built on a strong foundation of a culture that brings the legacy of the company and vibrancy of team members together. We also believe that healthy and healthy team make a positive and productive workplace. Therefore our offerings to our team go way beyond the monetary benefits.

At Developer Bazaar Technologies, Work and employee well-being go hand-in-hand. Fitness and wellness in the workplace improves team physical and mental health and this makes them more productive, energetic, engaged and creatively attuned employees. Well-being at Developer Bazaar not only focuses on employees’ well being within the company, but also on their contribution to the society at large. Holistic well-being programs at Developer Bazaar Technology promote a healthier lifestyle, supporting fitness and wellness offering work-life balance and taking care of emotional health. We believe that when people are in a state of well-being at the workplace, they feel more motivated, more creative, accountable and productive which in return builds positive workplace relationships and surroundings.

That’s how we planned our latest holistic wellness program in the form of a family excursion trip at OPA- “Outdoor Play Arena” which was held on 16 December 2022, a special initiative to focus on employee’s fitness and physical well-being. This trip was aimed to lead the Developer Bazaar team to better health and well-being using the pursuit of fitness as a common objective.

To build some unforgettable memories and enjoy like a kid we included some of the fun activities and games like Cricket, Football, Sky Cycle, Rocket Ejector, Go Karting etc. The enthusiasm, the teamwork and the bond between the employees seen throughout the trip was admirable. At the end of the trip we had a bag full of unforgettable memories, enthusiasm and beautiful bonds.

This is how we the employees at Developer Bazaar Technology celebrated the last month of the year 2022!

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