Platform as a Service (PaaS)

A cloud computing model which doesn’t replace your company’s entire IT infrastructure for software development but provides a runtime environment for programmers to easily deploy web applications, yes we talking about PaaS. 

As a cloud service provider, we at Developer Bazaar make it easy for you to purchase these applications on a pay-as-per-use basis wherein backend scalability is managed by us so that end users don’t fuss over managing the infrastructure and access the services via the internet.

Our Implementation Process


We begin by brainstorming ideas to gather a set of features for the development of a project which is effectively designed for your website.


We are well equipped with infrastructure including servers, storage, networking and platforms such as middleware, development tools, database management systems, business intelligence, and more to support the web application life cycle.


We provide Online instant communities to share ideas and seek advice from others.

Regulatory Requirements

As a PaaS-based development company, it is very important for us to adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements so that we are able to maintain compliance. This helps us to provide custom PaaS development services to implement appropriate organizational and technical measures in alignment with best practices in the industry.

Data Security

Data storage is just the beginning of any application, we also like to call it the heart of any application therefore We have clear policies with respect to confidentiality to ensure that your data is secure.

How do we support you to Mold your Ideas into PaaS

Variety of Languages & Frameworks to choose from

We provide a wide and varied range of programming languages and frameworks as it is of utmost importance. As a PaaS development company, we make sure that we support you in your preferred or required languages and frameworks. Some of the programming languages provided by us are Java, Python, PHP, CI, Laravel and some of our application frameworks include WordPress, Shopify and Zend.

Reliability/ Risk Assessment & Mitigation

At DB Tech, you can rely on us to handle both unplanned and planned downtime because we already have established strategies and availability of our services during an outage or a major disaster with our fault-tolerant techniques. Not only that we analyze the possible risk of failure/ bugs to prepare it better for the production and user experience.


What are the main advantages of PaaS with respect to business owners?

There are various benefits provided by the PaaS model such as cost savings because you only have to pay for the resources you use and not hardware infrastructure for building and running a technology stack. 

Adopting PaaS allows development teams to innovate better in response to market opportunities and initiatives such as blockchain, data analytics, mobile app development etc. And not only that, with PaaS software teams, are able to build applications that scale up dynamically. 

How does PaaS enhance the user experience?

Pass enhances user experience via multiple application deployment options, quick server configuration, cloud-based server monitoring and auto-scaling. 

How long does it take to build a heavy and complex PaaS product?

This depends on the kind of PaaS product we are building, it could take anywhere from 2 to 10 months and possibly longer but we generally try not to take longer than 6 months as this deadline helps us to focus on rapid building.

What other services and support do you provide?

With the aim of building customized applications for you, we try to provide a standard and a flexible environment or a combination of both which is fully managed and serverless. For other services let us connect so that we are able to choose the best model for you.

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