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It is known to all of us how people spend a major proportion of their time on their smartphones therefore in today’s scenario online advertising is a huge opportunity for businesses to market their brands.

Not only is online advertising convenient and accessible, it helps you to reach out to your customers and target audience. 

It also helps you access marketing strategies which work for your business.

It doesn’t matter if you are a specialist or someone new to the game of Online advertising. As a digital marketing agency we realize that there are various online marketing solutions available so it is easy for you to get confused. We at Developer Bazaar Technologies help you to provide the best digital marketing solutions for your campaign’s goals.

You might want to know our specialization areas

Let us take you through that

Organic Search (SEO)

Organic search is important because it brings website traffic that can't be influenced by other things and is ranked according to the relevance of the search term produced by the search engine's algorithm. Organic SEO is a good way to generate sales and build brand awareness. With Google changing its own algorithms regularly you need search engine optimizers who respond to this quickly to retain your ranking positions. Various methods such as boosting keywords, back linking and high quality content writing will improve your site's page rank. Organic SEO methods also rely on the relevancy of the content offered which builds greater trust among the users and generates more clicks therefore we take care to provide you with advanced SEO services such as:

Social Media Marketing

In today's technologically savvy world we simply can't ignore social media advertising. Social media has surpassed printed ads and ranks as one of the largest advertising channels. With social media and its marketing services, you can reach out to your core audience based on their age and interest, custom audience who previously engaged with your business and lookalike audience whose interests are very similar to your best and regular customers. As a social media marketing agency DB Tech realizes the importance of social media platform and hence we'll be responsible for providing you with best social media marketing service with the help of:

Google Advertising

How many of us use Google on a regular basis? Now that's a question we don't really need to answer because Google has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Using the Google display network we as advertisers create and design visually appealing ads to place it on millions of websites including YouTube and Gmail. Not only that, Google ads take care of your process by figuring out who your ideal audience is by the provision of PPC services or better known as pay-per-click. You only have to pay if your ad gets clicked on driving visits to your website organically. We help to generate best PPC services by providing:


Now a lot of you might be knowing SEO but App SEO is a little different. App SEO is fundamentally about improving the visibility of your apps on an app store search engine popularly Google Play or Apple app store. When you increase the impressions of your app it supports your goals such as traffic to your online app and helps your App to get downloaded by more customers. This leads to an increased brand exposure with audience engagement and additional marketing diversification. To rank your app we will provide:

YouTube Marketing

When your potential customers take a search action through a video it helps you to target specific demographics and interests of your audience. Not only that, the benefit of YouTube advertising services include paying only when customers show interest in your ad. Ads on YouTube appear before or during videos which piques customer's interest. As a Youtube advertising agency we at DB-Tech make sure to provide you with:

As we are thorough with our specialization,

We would also like to tell you how we will process to Make Your Campaign a Success

First, we perform Research and Analysis to see which platform suits your campaign the best because we do not want to spend your money on ads which won't create leads for you.

Then we move on to Strategy and Planning on how to design those ads which are visually appealing and enticing for your audience.

We will provide you with a Realistic Timeline to place your ads on different online platforms.

We will also provide you with a Report and Results at the end of each week or month as per your needs. This should cater to your business campaign. To discuss more let's connect at Developer Bazaar Technologies.


What are the main advantages of online advertising?

The main advantages of online advertising include targeting your audience, paying as per your need and choosing platforms which suit your business the best.

How will advertising affect my product positively

Advertisements are the best way to market your product and at a first glance the customer decides whether he wants to click on your business page or not. For users it’s a descriptive method to choose whether they want to engage or not.

Will advertising affect my budget a lot?

You can choose to launch inexpensive ad campaigns or spend thousands of rupees choosing your own web space. The choice will be completely yours.

How do we provide help in making your advertisements a success?

As mentioned we provide you with a report and result analysis not only that we are available for you to make changes if you are not happy with how the ads have turned out. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

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