MVP Solution (Startup Solution)

Developer Bazaar Technologies brings to you a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Solution, in which we create a testing product or solution which takes less time and budget to develop the desired outcome you envision. This MVP can save you from rounds of rework by launching it in a short time which will give you the right feedback on market-fit strategy. 

Using MVP strategy, Developer Bazaar Technologies helps you to launch a product quickly and with a tight budget. Not only that, our experts can suggest you make the necessary improvements with the aid of consumer feedback.
Well, all of these:

So, what are you getting?

Well, all of these:


How do we Process MVP?

Our team at Developer Bazaar Technologies does the brainstorming for you and comes up with the ideal concept for your company.

The team obtains all necessary materials and makes the right technological choices.



Requirements gathering

Technology selection

What’s more, you can avail advice from a professional consultant and industry expert through Developer Bazaar Technologies.

Here, we complete the fundamental features and design, do in-house testing, and finally launch the product for market testing.

Professional Consultant
guidance industry expert

Finalize the basic
features and design


In house testing

Launching & user testing

We update and relaunch the final product for you with the help of customer feedback and comprehensive market analysis.

So you get all of these from a single source, that’s Developer Bazaar Technologies

Working on the feedback
from users/market

Upgrading & Relaunching

Challenges in Building MVP

To Find the Right Team?

To develop a product, a team is essential. However, a team that lacks expertise may cause your dreams to crumble. In today’s time, this is one of the biggest challenges that businesses and startups face.


Why opt for an incompetent team when a team of professionals with years of experience can help you with the best assistance? 

Well, Developer Bazaar Technologies takes care of it for you. We provide you with a highly skilled team having real-world market experience for designing and developing your MVP product.

Choosing the Wrong Project Management Methodology

Choosing the wrong methodology could bring your whole project to a halt and thus entrepreneurs often struggle to choose the correct project management methodology for their MVP.


With years of experience, Developer Bazaar Technologies identifies the best project management methodology for your product. Moreover, It not only guides you throughout the process but ensures its implementation as well.

Too Many Features

Having too many features can be distracting and unnecessary. It takes a toll on the budget too.


DB Tech simplifies the process by keeping only the required features so you get the desired result as per your budget.

Inappropriate Tech Stack

Most new businesses that are not tech-savvy fail to use the appropriate technologies for their MVP. Ineffective technology adaptation might result in mistakes and, eventually, a failing outcome.


Trust Developer Bazaar Technologies with your product. We choose the right technology stack for your project, saving you time, money, and labor. DB Tech designs the MVP using the right, carefully chosen technologies.

MVP vs Proof of Concept vs Prototype

Despite sounding similar, these ideas are different. One having knowledge and expertise in the field can only tell the difference.


Here at Developer Bazaar Technologies, experts walk you through these ideas in detail and work with you on a step-by-step process to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

The team first determines whether the idea needs any modifications or can move forward to doing a comprehensive analysis of how the product will be implemented and finally adopting a simplified model via MVP Solution.

Why choose Developer
Bazaar Technologies?

Technology and the MVP strategy can help you sustain your idea in the market and we serve as a bridge between your imagination and ideas and help bring them to the table in front of users and investors. If that suits your purpose, do connect with us.

Try out Developer Bazaar Technologies Best Product – MVP and we assure you that you won’t regret your decision of choosing us later!

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