Do you know what is the difference between UI/UX technologies?

UI stands for User Interface, a place for human and machine communication. A user while operating a machine has different goals to achieve. Goals like downloading something, searching for a particular thing, doing shopping online, etc.

UI facilitates a user to operate the machine efficiently and get the required work done. You know what, you are also using a UI while reading this blog.

Input hardware and output hardware together form a user interface. Input hardware like a mouse, joystick, keyboard, and output hardware like monitor screen, printer, etc. User needs both input and output devices to use a machine and achieve the goal of using it.

The user interface is of different types but three of them are common

  • Graphic user interface
  • Command-line interface
  • Voice-enabled user interface

User Experience

UX stands for User Experience, it deals in providing users the most relevant and meaningful experience. The experience that a user gets while interacting with a product is a user experience.

The focus of user experience is to improve the accessibility of machines and make the user feel more comfortable while using the machine. User satisfaction is the primary goal here which is ultimately aligned with the goals of the owner of the website.

Generally, the goals are connected to getting a business and bringing new customers. If a user gets delighted while using the website he/she is most likely to be converted into a customer. User experience termed was brought up by Don Norman in the 90s while he was working with Apple. Don Norman said UI comprises all different aspects of the user interaction with the company and products and services offered by it.

Difference between UI and UX technology

  • UI and UX technology have different key responsibilities
  • The user interface is all about the look and feel. It looks after graphics, branding, user guidelines, develops responsive screens, looks after virtual designs, and works for better interactivity and responsiveness. User experience is more focused on the customer and competitor analysis, WireFraming and prototyping and tracking goals, and analyzing the performance of the product.

  • The tools used are different
  • UI and UX designers make use of different tools. User interface designer works on the overall appearance of a webpage. Therefore designer is more focused on images design. The tools they use are more related to image designing. User experience designers are focused on wireframes as they will help in improving the user's overall experience. UX designers make use of different wireframe tools.

  • UX and UI designer's end products are different
  • The end goals of UI and UX are very different. User experience aims to develop a user interface for the user. UI focuses on making those interfaces look aesthetically beautiful. UX designers work for creating a product that is not available at present and meets certain needs of the user, UX designer creates a prototype and these prototypes are tested and finalized for the user. UI designer works on making these prototypes look pleasing to a user.

  • UX design is done before UI design in most cases
  • Generally, first UX design is done followed by UI design. While creating a product UX design and research become the first thing to do. UX designers are more involved in performing initial-level research and testing different ideas. Once the prototype is finalized UI designer job starts. UI designers then work on the visuals and improve the overall appearance.


With the above discussion, we have the clarity that UI and UX are different from each other with the fact that they are inseparable. UI and UX both are equally important and they complement each other so well. Both together helps in creating a product using which customer can feel overwhelmed.